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Leif Grillson, Bob's younger brother

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A smart grill with app control

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Always in control

With two meat thermometers

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Our masterpiece

Bob Grillson Premium pellet grill

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The world’s first grill with remote control

Bob Grillson Premium is the first grill you can control from your smartphone. You will be able to connect the smart grill via Wi-Fi using the Grillson app. You can control the grill temperature, the timer, monitor the meat thermometers and start the self-cleaning function by pyrolysis all from the palm of your hand.

All in one: a grill, a smoker and a pizza oven

A Bob Grillson pellet grill enables you to smoke in a better quality than with a smoker; it grills better than a gas grill. It will provide more authentic Italian pizza than a pizza oven. The automatic temperature control will guarantee food is cooked perfectly with a smoky BBQ taste, while using environmentally-friendly food-grade wood pellets.





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  • Remote control

    Bob Grillson Premium is the first grill that you can control from your smartphone.

  • Three devices in one

    Bob Grillson wood pellet grill enables you to smoke, grill and bake your favorite pizza.

  • Wood pellets

    Burning wood pellets guarantees the desired smoky BBQ taste.

  • Great accessories

    Especially designed to improve your overall outdoor cooking experience.