• High comfort &
    real barbecue taste

    Grillfleisch auf Teller

    Bob unites the legendary Barbecue Taste of barbecuing over real wood with the comfort of a gas grill. No more compromises!

    The contradiction between taste and comfort is history. With his patented wooden pellet burner, Bob is a clean high tech multi-talent.

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  • Barbecue safely &
    stay healthy

    Holzpellets in Händen

    Bob offers up to 70 % of his large barbecuing surface for indirect barbecuing – at full performance. So no more worries about cancer-producing grease fire.

    Bob is solidly built and stands safely on all four feet. Clean wooden pellets offer a safe energy source for Bob’s power plant.

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  • Extraordinary & environmentally friendly

    Bob Grills mit Hund

    Patented technology, innovative design and an environmentally friendly, enduring fuel turn Bob Grillson into an extraordinary partner at your barbecue events.

    High tech in an elegant exterior offers Green BBQ in an environmentally friendly manner for the highest culinary standards.

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